Transform Your Business Idea: Value stream mapping with Steve Pereira

Join us on Oct 24 at McMaster Mills Library

Health Hackathon 2019 @ Nov.8-10, 2019


Join us.


Please join us for an exciting pre-hackathon workshop.

Steve Pereira is a transformation expert who coaches tech businesses. Steve will be taking participants through a value streams exercise, which can be applied to ongoing projects or new ones to pitch at our November Hackathon..

Whether you plan to participate at the hackathon or not, Steve will provide you with insights on how to transform your business ideas.

Visit Steve Pereira’s personal website, and his VZBL Inc.

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Mills Library, Connection Centre L113. McMaster University.


Thursday, Oct 24 @ 6:30 pm doors open; 7:00 pm start time.

Come join Hamilton Hacking Health and become an active member of Hamilton’s health tech community.