A grassroots community of healthcare innovators in Hamilton, Ontario

Health Hackathon 2019 @ Nov.8-10, 2019

What is Hacking Health?

Hacking Health Hamilton is a digital health innovation organization, part of the Hacking Health global movement of grassroots groups in more than 40 cities around the world - Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, Asia, South Africa and Tunisia. We bring together health care professionals, meta users, entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, designers among others to work on the opportunities available in the healthcare industry.

Every year since 2016, we run a Hacking Health hackathon. At a hackathon, ideas for projects are pitched on Friday night, participants align themselves with a project of interest and form teams, and these teams ‘hack’ a prototype solution over the course of Saturday and Sunday. Our hackathon runs over a weekend and allows innovators, both neophyte and experienced, to create prototypes and compete for prizes such as valuable support from local and national organizations.

We run open meetup “Cafés” regularly throughout the year, bringing in exciting healthcare innovators to tell their stories and show their work. We encourage interaction and discussion.

Together, we’re hacking healthcare in Hamilton!