Next Meetup How to Launch a Successful Health Tech Startup

Join us on Thursday evening, April 11 for a chance to catch up with HHH members and enjoy two talks at The Mohawk College Cyber Security Club

Health Hackathon 2019 @ Nov.8-10, 2019



On Thursday, April 11, Hacking Health Hamilton presents How to Launch a Successful Health Tech Startup: Get advice from two health tech entrepreneurs from Toronto, an informative and interactive free meetup in Mohawk College Cyber Security Club.

We will have founders of two health tech companies discuss their projects and their experience as healthcare entrepreneurs.

Taylan Pince, CTO and Co-Founder of Avocare, is an experienced technology leader, having built a development firm with over $3M in annual revenue. He has led app development for Robinhood, Muse and blogTO. Taylan values great user experiences in digital, with meaningful engagement for users. After building an EMR and coming from a family of doctors himself, building Avocare was a natural choice.

Avocare lets patients send and receive secure messages with their own clinic and doctor, bringing the convenience of instant messaging to healthcare providers.

Prior to co-founding HealthCasa, Dr. Karen Klein, CEO at HealthCasa Limited, worked as a dentist in Johannesburg, South Africa. However, she soon came to the realization that practicing dentistry was not her passion, and she believes strongly that success is fueled by passion. Moving to, and living in downtown Toronto, she’s become accustomed to the ever-growing variety of on-demand services, that just seems to make life that much simpler. But, she has found the healthcare sector struggling to catch up.

HealthCasa is the only on-demand service that allows you to book an appointment online through a LIVE, REAL-TIME appointment booking portal, with a practitioner of your choice, at the location of your choice, and on a day and time that is convenient for YOU!

About the Venue:

The Mohawk College Cyber Security Club was created for all Mohawk students to learn more about how to keep information and technology safe in our digital and physical lives. We invite anyone interested to join us in exploring everything technical and non-technical about cybersecurity – from how to hack websites and servers, to how to spot a phishing e-mail, the club has something for everyone.

The Mohawk College Cyber Security Lab, housed in the new net-zero footprint Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation, is home to teams of students planning and launching, thwarting and defending real-time cyber-attack simulations.

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