Using Health Hackathon Sparkboard 2019

Using Health Hackathon Sparkboard 2019 to create or join a team

Health Hackathon 2019 @ Nov.8-10, 2019

Creat or join a team for Hacking Health Hamilton Hackathon 2019 (Nov 8- Nov 10).

1 Create a team at Health Hackathon Sparkboard 2019

Sparkboardpage2 If you already have a account, please click Sign In. You can use Google account to sign in. Otherwise, please click New Account to create one.

Sign Up for Sparkboard by your account. Select one: signup1

Set your profile profile

To create a new team, click New at the top right. createnewteam

And project page will be loaded: createnewteam

Note: If you will update a image, please update this image first, then fill in your project name and summary.

One example with Project Name, Project Summary, Project Image createnewteam

Then describe other information about your project: createnewteam3

Then type more details about who are you looking for: createnewteam4

Save your project. createnewteam5


You will find your project in the main page. createnewteam6

2.Join a specific team

After login Health Hackathon Sparkboard 2019, find your favorite team and select.

You will find selected project in the main page. join1

Click JOIN, then you will be Team list: join2

Save. And now you are in this team. join3

Health Hackathon 2019-Hamilton Sparkboard_Create your project or team